As I stood in the never moving queue wondering how long I would have to wait for my turn to board the 'troski', a certain grandpa caught my attention as he walked to join the queue. My heart went out to him. Young as I am, I was already tired from standing, how much more... Continue Reading →

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It revealed so little yet every chorus beat to the tune of my heart I could breathe, my lungs could expand and contract Not like that of pregnancy pangs but exhilaratingly free I was excited, I could not help but dance to the beat I hadn't heard it before but my steps swayed in perfect... Continue Reading →

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To Go or Not To Go

The wedding is weeks away but woman still doesn't know whether to go or not to go. Not that I wouldn't want to go but considering the circumstances, I have found myself in a situation. It's been months since we separated and I am 100.1% sure he is going to be at the wedding. The... Continue Reading →

Turning the other cheek

On a hot Sunday afternoon while waiting for my turn to board a 'troski', a woman and a man (I would have said a lady and a gentleman but they were nothing of the sort) who boarded before me exchanged a few insults.  From the exchange, I deduced they were both from church, same church... Continue Reading →

I am, but I am not

When public figures or people in authority become the talk of town for the negative reasons, their families and friends are also negatively affected. However, no one seems to speak up on their behalf. This is something we should all consider. We could be in their positions as well for no fault of ours. What's your truth? #JustTruth

Moving out and landlords

You can imagine my joy when my folks proposed I stay close to school to avoid traveling at night. Hehehee. T’was the best news in a long time. I would love to enumerate the benefits I looked forward to but I ain't snitching on myself. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever ever. But ‘mehn’ was... Continue Reading →

Trotro Diaries – Hospitable Ghana

Sometimes it feels like the hospitality we boast about as a country is gradually fading away due to increasing economic hardship and the side effects of survival instincts being sharpened alongside. But then again, I find myself being surprised by the show of love and affection displayed in 'troskis' by both passengers and drivers. On... Continue Reading →

When my qualification eliminates me

When we excitedly countdown to semester 8/8, we imagine that life at the other side is rosy, you know. We will get high paying jobs in our desired fields in excellent companies, ready to live the life. No more hustle like chilling. No more late night cramming lecture notes. We deserve it because we definitely... Continue Reading →

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